rtotoarAll hell breaks loose when Rotator steps the stage of breakbeat holocaust, it’s the sound of a man so frightfully piercing your eardrums while at the same time tickling your bellybutton with shivers of excitement… or is it the collision claps of harddisk rock and tumbling waterfalls of amen galore will make your feet start stomping the ground?

Either way, this music makes you wanna jump up or run out!

Witness an intense and energic mix of chopped up percussion associated to 4/4 hard kick to maintain the ruff pressure, hoovering basslines that shake up straight dancefloor sickness, contaminated by a furious injection of hardcore and ragga and breakcore mash-up.

In a nutshell you will not be left restless when hearing the loud and glorious vocalsamples and soundclash snorts of the punxXx hailing from Rennes France, Rotator is head of the international Peace Off crew spreading hardcore music to the masses worldwide! Be ready for this one !

ROTATOR will dismantle your firecrackers and bomb the place down cause he’s the perfect combination of French pastry and kamikazi riddims, King of the dancefloor and yardsales!” (Sickboy)