Since 1998, Komprex aka Fabio Di Benedetto is present in the extreme music scene as a producer. Based in La Spezia, a small city in Italy, he started to listen to electronic hard music when he was just a child. But to be just a listener was not enough for him, so he started producing tracks.

Since 2001 he played at lot of parties to diffuse the Italian Speedcore message. His principal label was the italian Cerebral Destruction, but he released also two autoproducted CDs. Today Komprex is one of the most appreciated extreme artists. Aphex Twin played his track Worldwide.

In a period when the speedcore/terror scene is composed by too many low quality productions, the italian way makes the difference. In 2009 he released a project with Noisekick on Masters Of Speedcore with brutal and industrial metal tunes and on Psychic Genocide and Noistorm with Dj – D-Tox with some new industrial tracks.

His style is becoming more raw and technical, the brutal and fast productions are now mostly reserved for the group Speedkore, with Komprex as singer and producer. The style of the band is cybergrindcore and they played at parties such as Hellraiser vs. Megarave, Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet and Ground Zero Festival.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/komprex