K.O.R.E. started his journey into the sounds of Hardcore/Gabber back in the end of 1995. A wave of energy overtakes him and in 1998 he moved to AZ and started to play small shows in the valley, soon after word got around and K.O.R.E. was introduced to Dj Cik from the Arizona hardcore junkies.

K.O.R.E. became a member and with the AZHCJ started to play all over the united states and over seas.
Some more times passes and K.O.R.E. and Forsaken is dead start Six Feet Underground records, a few tracks are released and the reaction is positive.

Then like most of us real life gets in the way and K.O.R.E. has to step away, but thankfully the love never died and now after a short hiatus K.O.R.E. is back and more dedicated then ever.

With his new found passion K.O.R.E. is set to take the stage and once again show why Hardcore will never die! Also you can check out K.O.R.E. in other projects like GodSquad and KoreHunter!