Nekrokick pix

Seattle’s Hardcore scene emerging artist Nekrokick, clawing his way out of the grave and directly into the studio. With styles ranging from slow, deliberate and brutal Doomcore, to surgical, skull-pounding Industrial Hardcore until Terror.

Since 202 he has played countless american shows such as : Next Level Unite, Back2Basic., Rise of the Machines, Slaves to the Rave, Devils Night, Heaven Vs Hell 2, Heaven Vs Hell 3, Transformers, Whiteout 3, Stompin In Da Woods 3,4,5, Apex Project 2,3 Chutes & Ladders, Bubble Bobble 2, Kandyland 2, Kandy Xplosion, Rave Against the Machine, This Is War, Yabba Dabba Doo, Hells Kitchen, Kandy Revenge, Walrus Festival 3, Phoenix Fest 3, NWTeknologic, Care-A-Lot…. The list keeps growing every monthes…

Nekrokick satisfies those with a taste for complex darkness and death worship. Keep your ear to the tombstone for upcoming releases and collaborations.