Here to make the party totally insane !


Everybody knows the Mafia is always around, but they’re also live on stage!
From now INSANE DJ MAFIA can be booked as a special act for your events.

What does it mean?

The ‘Insane DJ Mafia’ act can be made up of any DJs and producers from the Insane Agency. It’s a DJ-battle act most of the time. The gangsters’ names are revealed at the start of the performance and there are several of them playing together during the performance.
This means that no one (except the artists themselves and Insane Bookings) knows who will be representing INSANE DJ MAFIA that night.
Insane Bookings has no fixed fee for ‘Insane DJ Mafia’, as our resources are hardcore and unlimited.

Already played Mainstage in such events at:

Angerfist Retaliate Tour 2012 (Lyon, FR)
Hardshock Festival 2012 + 2013 Mainstage (Zwolle, NL)
Ground Zero Festival 2012 (Busloo, NL)
Hellbound – Amsterdam 2012
Hellbound – Germany 2013
Kataklysm Festival + Plug-In Festival 2013 + Gang of Hardcore in France and Switzerland + Axxelerator + Case a Chocs…
and much more …