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CIK & FIEND at 25 Years of Industrial Strength in Los Angeles

CIK & FIEND will be performing with Art of Fighters (IT) – The Sickest Squad (IT) – Unexist (IT) – Tymon (AUS) – Lenny Dee (USA) – Rob Gee (USA) – CIK (AZ) – Fiend (LA) – Deadly Buda (LA)
trauma live la


DJ FIGHT is now going in a world tour and bring you WAR HOME
with his #WorldWarTour consisting already of :

06/02 @ Teknomad – Rouen – France [CLOSING ACT]
26/02 @ Angerfist in Lyon – France [CLOSING ACT]
18/03 @ Darkzone Festival in Lyon – France
19/03 @ Machinecore in Göteborg – Sweden [CLOSING ACT]
15/04 @ Helsinki – Finland [CLOSING ACT] > Postponed
23/04 @ Warsaw – Poland [CLOSING ACT]
06/05 @ Friedlich Feiern – Berlin – Germany
07/05 @ Trash N Core – Berlin – Germany
03/06 @ Praha – Czech Republic
04/06 @ Bratislava – Slovakia
18/06 @ Amsterdam – Netherlands [CLOSING ACT]
24/06 @ Bordeaux – France
18/06 @ Sofia – Bulgaria [CLOSING ACT] > Postponed
13/07 @ Béthune – France
09/09 @ Phoenix – Arizona – USA [CLOSING ACT]
11/09 @ Las Vegas – Nevada – USA
30/09 @ Renesse – Zeeland – NL
15/10 @ Immortal – Antwerpen – Belgium
05/11 @ Zurich – Switzerland
10/11 @ Batofar – Paris – France

Who’s next ?
Click here for more informations about #WorldWarTour .
Click here to see the trailer of his closing act with Angerfist.
Click here to download a presskit .

You want to book DJ Fight ?
contact@insanebookings.com or INSANE AGENCY or contact him on facebook
darkzone (flyer restore 2016) (facebook artist banner) (fight)
Question : What is the meaning of this WORLD WAR TOUR DJ FIGHT ?

DJ FIGHT Answer : In a world where artists can now only live from bookings but not from the royalties of their music anymore. Where vinyles, cds and even dvd s are almost not existing anymore for several music styles because people prefer to listen to it on youtube or download it on russian servers (will accepting to daily pay 6€ for a gross Starbuck coffee or pack of cigarettes).
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Satronica ,Mark N ,Delta 9, Fight & The Horrorist available dates in Europe !

Satronica will be available in europe from 3rd of july to 19th july 2015 with flightshare !
Mark N will be available in europe from 21th august until 5th september !
delta 9 fight showcase
Delta 9 is now taking dates in europe with flightshare possible from the 9th of May until the end of year ! DJ Fight is available in Europe until 3rd October !
the horrorist
The Horrorist is now taking dates in europe with flightshare possible from 10th of April !


“FOCUS ON” the incredible success story of  DJ RHEEZA rheeza With more than 30 high quality bookings in 2013 and her transformation from the “Queen of Early Rave” to a Mainstage respected artist ; there’s a lot to say about this incredible dutch female DJ who already rocked almost 250 bookings in more than 10 yearz of DJ’ing in the hard testosterone jungle of the dutch Hardcore DJ’s. rheezalayergzShe now has been granted by some main dutch organisations to perform regularly mainstage in such events as GROUND ZERO- HARDSHOCKHELLBOUNDSOUND ASSAULTDECADE but also now in 2013 she battles the kings of early rave like BUZZ FUZZDELTA 9 and BASS D like for the Ultimate Broadcasting (Party) of Thunderdome Radio for exemple, or during the legendary Back2School from B2S having the honor to close the stage after DJ PROMO – DIONE – RUFFNECK … B2SCHOOL LAYERWith an incredible unlimited ressources of insane energy, she even decided in december to perform a 6 HOURS SOLO ACT in her town where she’s also famous to organise since years the MUG THE CITY parties in HAARLEM . hsf rheeza better Keep an eye on her this year and boost your events by booking this “Insane Female DJ” now for your future events !


Laurent Hô aka Ingler

laurent ho

Laurent Hô has composed 6 albums, mixed 3 DJ mix and released around 30 EP’s under different pseudonyms depending on the style of electronic music. Ingler (techno hardcore), Audiodrama (techno) HO.EXE (Electro-industrial) and Carla Elves (electronica).
His main collaborations are Auto Tropp (with Benoit Bollini), Neroptic (with Radium) and liza n’eliaz of course, on his own labels and labels abroad as Industrial Strength Records, Shockwave, Six Sixty Six, Headfuck. He also co-founded the label UWe he left in 2004. His musical styles range from harder to softer: hardcore, hardtechno, techno, electro and electronica.

He mixes electro / techno for over 23 years and was a resident 8 years at the Rex Club in Paris (France).

As an industrial training designer, he specialized in graphic design by signing over 80 album covers. As an industrial designer, he is specialised in Video editing, photography, sound production, audiovisual is his world.

He released a new album few monthes ago. More informations about this album over here

Like Laurent Hô on Facebook by clicking here


FIEND is a Dj / Producer from Los Angeles – California – USA.
Owner of the label Sadistic recordings and co owner of DTN along with Delta 9.
Crew member of Apocalypse recordings & Darkmatter Sound System,
Fiend is a Fierce producer of industrial hardcore, breakore and acid hardcore,
Djing since 1994 all over the LA underground, and since then all over the world!

Started production in 1996 but did not release anything until 2001 along side
Dj Tron on his “A Sort Of Schizophrenic Feeling” cd.
After that came a whole collective of releases on labels such as Corrupt,
Industrial Strength, Pacemaker, RebelScum, Hong kong violence, Sadistic & many more.
Fiend currently is doing solo projects and collab projects with Delta 9,
Matt green, Paul blackout, Tripped, Sarin Assault, Tugie and many others.

Now he is joining the insane bookings agency, as a strong asset to the powerhouse roster.

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Fiend+%283%29
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FIEND/111879572171576

Sarin Assault

SAAll started in 1996, Sarin Assault with artists Micropoint and Speedyq’s, started the French hardcore label Dead End Records. Releasing mainly Noise techno experimental tracks under the pseudonym TR and Hardcore Techno under Sarin Assault name on labels such as Dead End records, Digital Hut, Sans Pitie, H2OH Recordings, Epileptik … TR (now mainly a Dark electronic breakbeat DnB project) /Sarin Assault started KTR productions in 2002 focusing on futuristic sound and beats. In 2007 started KTR XT, sublabel of KTR productions with Tbook production, focusing on Dark Industrial Hardcore techno and Hard Drum & Bass !

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SarinAssaultofficial

SA new album