Proud of our 2 artistic directions for all the hardcore stages of a borning Festival ;
now Hardschock Festival became in only 2 editions (2012 & 2013) a reference for any hardcore lovers providing to you the best worldwide artists possible for 12 Hours on 5 stages

Thanks to High Energy Events, our artists who played there on every stages always quote the ambiance of this festival as : “Unique & Out of Time and reality”.

Click here and check the Line up of 2012
Click here and check the Line up of 2013

Hereunder the Homemade Insane Agency aftermovie of the first edition of this festival (2012)

We also produced an aftermovie in 3D of this event ! Click here for 3D Screen users.
Official Aftermovie of Hardshock 2012 & 2013 click here
Set of DJ Delta 9 for the Mainstage closing act of 2012 click here

Hardshock it is a pleasure to open the festival season with you, see you next year !!!