FANTOM is major french Hardcore DJ/Producer player from the french rave scene since 2000.
He’s one of the founder and now leader of the biggest french hardcore sound-system called TEKNOMAD.
Between years 2000 and 2005 he has been the most booked act in France but also played in Belgium, Switzerland, Italia & more…
His DJ sets made him the first french hardcore act to be booked in Libanon (Electronic Music Festival) just after the end of the war.

His creativity and terrific mixing skills allowed him to perform more than 300 times in less than 10 years in most of the best locations at this time. From the legendary REX CLUB to the LA LOCO and GIBUS in Paris until the large scale outside Teknival events on french military airbase bringing at this time up to 185 000 people in 4 dayz from all over europe. He’s still remembered by the underground free party scene as the necessary DJ for a line up to be totally insane !

He played along such artists as Delta 9, Lenny Dee , Unexist, Chaosbringer, Tommyknocker, Daisy, Dr Macabre ,Manu le Malin, Radium, DJ Fight, Speedyq’s, Speedfreak, Crystal Distortion, Heretik Sound System & much more…

In the meantime he’s starting producing tracks and release the Teknomad 01 and his getting licensed regularly for some mixes or compilations by AUDIOGENIC, EPILEPTIK, XUNK rec & more…

In 2010, he feels frustrated and do not wish to continue into the hardcore scene anymore because he does not consider his music personal enough. He’s stepping away from the scene and decide to take a break to start a family.

Naturally, some news inspirations comes and it’s now time to make his style and creativity evolving. Becoming familiar with the latest music softwares, he starts producing new live-acts sounding more Techno to Hardcore.

Like most of perfectionnist artists, he’s not really satisfied by his first productions in this genre and refuse to play any of those live acts at all for any crowd.

After 5 years of very hard lonely work in his professional studio, Fantom is now back with a very personal style in wich he can finally feel comfortable. The very melodic ambiances that he likes so much are now dropped at slower tempo (135/150bpm) but the influences remains the same : Industrial Techno, Rave & Hardcore ! Creating this energetic melting-pot of styles that he likes to call « POWERTEKNO ».

Watch out for this insane and unique live act !