DJ FIGHT is now going in a world tour and bring you WAR HOME
with his #WorldWarTour consisting already of :

06/02 @ Teknomad – Rouen – France [CLOSING ACT]
26/02 @ Angerfist in Lyon – France [CLOSING ACT]
18/03 @ Darkzone Festival in Lyon – France
19/03 @ Machinecore in Göteborg – Sweden [CLOSING ACT]
15/04 @ Helsinki – Finland [CLOSING ACT] > Postponed
23/04 @ Warsaw – Poland [CLOSING ACT]
06/05 @ Friedlich Feiern – Berlin – Germany
07/05 @ Trash N Core – Berlin – Germany
03/06 @ Praha – Czech Republic
04/06 @ Bratislava – Slovakia
18/06 @ Amsterdam – Netherlands [CLOSING ACT]
24/06 @ Bordeaux – France
18/06 @ Sofia – Bulgaria [CLOSING ACT] > Postponed
13/07 @ Béthune – France
09/09 @ Phoenix – Arizona – USA [CLOSING ACT]
11/09 @ Las Vegas – Nevada – USA
30/09 @ Renesse – Zeeland – NL
15/10 @ Immortal – Antwerpen – Belgium
05/11 @ Zurich – Switzerland
10/11 @ Batofar – Paris – France

Who’s next ?
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Question : What is the meaning of this WORLD WAR TOUR DJ FIGHT ?

DJ FIGHT Answer : In a world where artists can now only live from bookings but not from the royalties of their music anymore. Where vinyles, cds and even dvd s are almost not existing anymore for several music styles because people prefer to listen to it on youtube or download it on russian servers (will accepting to daily pay 6€ for a gross Starbuck coffee or pack of cigarettes).

In a world where festivals do not hire any real artistic directors and now book artists because of their hype and popularity on social networks and not because of the quality of their music ! (Because they want what they call TICKET-Sellers artists only)

In a world where a huge percent of pseudo-artists are ghost-produced and buy their tracks instead of producing themselves.

In a world where the most popular international dj magazine is corrupting by selling the positions of his famous ranking to labels and agencies who can afford it.

In a world where some people spit on new styles, without even having ever listened to it before judging.

In a world where line ups are always the same but still attract people until the scene crashes again because of no originality (would you like to watch your favorite movie EVERY week end ? Or eat in the same restaurant EVERY week end ?)

In a world where some wanna be artists now behave like politicians more than ever and betray their own friends musician, partners & managers..

In a world where some 20 years old kids can play mainstage of all greatest worldwide events without having ever produced or ever practiced their skills for years because their agencies bought them 100 000 likes, can take up to 80% comission over their booking fee, marketing them like cars for sale and ending up manipulating them like muppets until the hype is gone … and starting with someone else…

In a world where turntables now can beatmatch (synchronise 2 tracks) for you automatically without you having to really learn how to do it before playing on a festival mainstage.

In a world where Industrial Hardcore is now called Uptempo will it is the same style which was considered so unpopular before but now just produced and/or played faster (sorry, this one is very personal).

In a world where some booking agencies now ask the double of the price for the same artists performances from one day to an other (even to their best loyal costumers) and artists loosing control of their own career because signed at the wrong agencies sometimes…

In a world where even my 87 years old grand ma could mix with traktor and make a buzz on the internet.

In a world where some millionars festivals owners are proposing to artists to play for almost no money, while pretexting that without the exposure they can give them, they will never become big…. And one week after their sold out events, they are extending their mansions, buying a Jaguar to their wives and flying for a month of holidays in their second villa in Ibiza.

It is now time to Stand up for music and to bring respect & justice in the industry.

Creating an artist page on facebook is one easy thing, but using your ears and beeing an artist is an other….

It is all about music & will always be about music … and certainly not about using music to make the maximum of profit or to become famous at any costs because you got something to proove to yourself and/or the rest of the world !

It is now time to stand up and fight against all this before it s too late don t you think ?

At least, it is my opinion after more than a decade of working in this industry… If you agree with this, you can always share this post on your timeline for people to know what is really going on.

The world is Insane …

I wish good luck in their project to all Dj’s & Producers from all around the world !!