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Delta 9


Dave Rodgers, better known as Delta 9, is a hardcore techno DJ/producer from Chicago.

The name “Delta 9″ comes from delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), the main psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant.

Delta 9 has been producing since 1994, starting with Deep 13 & The Hate Tank on Drop Bass Network Records. His many releases with Industrial Strength Records date back to 1995. Delta 9 is also owner of Psychotik Records, and has over 40 solo 12 inch releases (including under his alias The Imposters).

Delta 9 has appeared on over 200 compilations including the Thunderdome series, Hellraiser, Third Movement’s Demolition, the Mystery Land series, and the Masters of Hardcore compilations. He has also done many remixes for bands including Corrosion of Conformity, Napalm Death, The Berzerker, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Soil.



Laurent Hô aka Ingler

laurent ho

Laurent Hô has composed 6 albums, mixed 3 DJ mix and released around 30 EP’s under different pseudonyms depending on the style of electronic music. Ingler (techno hardcore), Audiodrama (techno) HO.EXE (Electro-industrial) and Carla Elves (electronica).
His main collaborations are Auto Tropp (with Benoit Bollini), Neroptic (with Radium) and liza n’eliaz of course, on his own labels and labels abroad as Industrial Strength Records, Shockwave, Six Sixty Six, Headfuck. He also co-founded the label UWe he left in 2004. His musical styles range from harder to softer: hardcore, hardtechno, techno, electro and electronica.

He mixes electro / techno for over 23 years and was a resident 8 years at the Rex Club in Paris (France).

As an industrial training designer, he specialized in graphic design by signing over 80 album covers. As an industrial designer, he is specialised in Video editing, photography, sound production, audiovisual is his world.

He released a new album few monthes ago. More informations about this album over here

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The Horrorist

the horrorist

The Horrorist (born January 20, 1970), is an electronic music artist from New York. He is the owner of the Things to Come Records. He has live performances all around the world but a hotspot is Germany. Many remember him as the punk styled kid in D.A. Pennebaker’s concert film “101″, featuring Depeche Mode. British music critic Simon Reynolds once proclaimed, “My favorite contemporary American singer-songwriter is Oliver Chesler.”


Mark N


Mark N is an Australian hardcore and breakcore dj and founder of Bloody Fist and Nasenbluten.
He is known for his high tempo interchanges between hardcore and breakcore and his scratches.

He played at huge gigs like Masters of Hardcore, Raving Nightmare, Ground Zero Festival, Hardshock Festival, and many more.




Headbanger aka Waxweazle


Rob Fabrie’s career started in 1990 as a member of the famous group HOLY NOISE. On stage the group was formed by Paul Elstak, Rob Fabrie and Richard van Naamen (The producers). After a couple of years he decided to leave the group to work on solo productions.

Rob for the first time in his life was now in full control of his own music and how it was presented. The first release was Legs by DJ WAXWEAZLE and that one sold 2000 copies in one week. The record label was off to a flying start, many releases followed; some almost making it to the official charts in the Netherlands.

Other producers also got the chance, Tails & NoizerRechargeDJ DeliriumE-Rick & TacticDJ Promo and many more made records on the label. A total of 30 releases where made on the label. ID&T also supported the dj career of Rob and gave him the opportunity to play onThunderdomeGlobal Hardcore Nation, Earthquake and many other parties. In 1997 Rob decided to go back to his harder edged sound of Somebody from Rotterdam and slowed the tempo down… Sweet Dreams (you bastard) was born. Rob decided that he didn’t want it to be released as a Waxweazle production so the name HEADBANGER was born. A huge hit was the result and today it’s considered to be a classic!

For the follow-up Headbanger record Rob went back to Rotterdam Records. First hit was The Nightmare Man. The third record was called: The Third Torture and it had the huge hit NO LAW on it. This one outsold all the other Headbanger records till that day, a true classic! The final installment was Enter the 4th Dimension and it had the hits Headbanger’s Theme (together with Holy Noise buddies Alee and Ruffian on vocals), I’m In Your Yead and The Wishmaster. The shout:  “Don’t You Wanna Be A Headbanger” can still be heard today on every party and is the true Headbanger’s anthem.

Rob met the famous Rotterdam Terror Corps, they hooked up and made the record Bangin Your Fist on Megarave Records. After that Rob was offered to do more on the label, a new alias was made for the project: Alienator. The first 12 inch Prey was an instant hit. Paul Elstak was also producing for Rige and he and Rob hooked up together again for the 12 inch Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell. Released on the new label Offensive Records this track was a huge hit.

After this Rob was offered by Rige to do a Headbanger album. This became a triple cd with the title Are u afraid of the Dark and was released in 2001. The third album was called Serious Damage and was released in 2004. The 4th album was Apocalyseand the fifth album was R-Evolution (to celebrate 10 years of The Headbanger).


Buzz Fuzz

buzz fuzz

Buzz Fuzz, a.k.a. Mark Vos is born in Amsterdam on March 12, 1969. He is a renowned deejay in the hardcore scene. He started his deejay career in the year 1987 with mixing hiphop and swingbeat at the Zorba in Amsterdam. In 1991, being inspired by a live-performance of dj The Prophet he decides to focus solely on hardcore house. After a considerable time, he achieves to establish himself in the hardcore scene and later he would receive bookings from Hellraiser, Thunderdome, Dance Valley and Multigroove. He became an internationally renowned deejay in the hardcore scene. Together with DJ Dano, The Prophet and DJ Gizmo he formed the Dreamteam.

Currently, Buzz Fuzz makes remixes for The Prophet, The Masochist, 3 Steps Ahead, Jeremy, Public Domain, Daydream & Maddy, Rotterdam Terror Corps, DJ Gizmo, DJ Promo, The Darkraver, Rob Gee and many more! He makes use of various pseudonyms including Pino D’Ambini, Bertocucci Feranzano, Bumble Bee and dj Stuka.




DJ Dano is one of the founders of the hardcore scene……

In 1984 Dano started to DJ for several local pirated radio stations in Amsterdam. Two years later he became a journalist for a newspaper for young people, where he wrote about music and going out. One night he decided to visit the Roxy discotheque, Dano was very sceptical about this whole new scene called dance. Four hours later, sweaty and tired, he realised that he had be dancing non-stop. “After my experience at the Roxy, I realised that I was sold and that electronic music was my calling.” And on that night, Dano was incurably infected by the ‘acid virus’. From then on he got his own show called ‘Acid Explosion’ on a local radio station and soon after that became a resident DJ at the Mazzo club.

In 1992 the dance scene exploded on a massive scale. During a colossal house party in Utrecht, Dano performed with his colleagues Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo and the Prophet. There and then marked the birth of the legendary ‘Dreamteam’. This hardcore party was the beginning of the immense hardcore scene and in a short period of time Leeflang grew to be one of leading emperors of hardcore.

The following years are best described as a roller coaster ride at top speed that took him to all the big national and international parties; Hellraiser, Thunderdome, Mayday and Love Parade, just to name a few. This man has travelled the whole world to play his music, but recalls that the tour in Australia with the Dreamteam was without a doubt the most memorable event in that time. “The stronger friendship that was developed, the beautiful landscapes and the hysterical audiences; these are things I will never forget.”

Not only has Dano been chosen four times in a row as best hardcore DJ (which to this date no other hardcore DJ has been able to accomplish), but is also renowned for his productions. Creating tracks for labels such as Mokum, ID&T and Dreamteam Productions and IST, just to name a few.. This man has also made quality remixes, such as ‘T-1000’, taken from the heavy metal band Fear Factory. One of the most impressive projects in his career has been his hardcore remix for “A Wanna be a hippy” what only sold in Germany 250.000 copies and resulted in a golden record.

The legend is still one of the world’s best hardcore DJs, even for the second generation, maybe even the third…