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Label: Suizidcore Records, Legs Akimbo Records, Braincore Recordings
Style: Terror, Speedcore + Splittercore = SUIZIDCORE

PRESSTERROR started his career 15 years ago in the little city of Saarbrucken in Germany.

In 2001, he discovered his passion for electronic music with using his first record players. Then he played various hard styles until 2005.

Since 2002, he produced his own tracks favoring the styles Techno, Hardcore and Frenchcore. With the time his musical taste became harder and faster. After discovering Terror and Speedcore he got inspired by the following DJs: Noisekick, Komprex, Frazzbass, Disco Cunt, Passenger Of Shit and Noizefucker. He then embarked on creating his own unique style. He informed himself about labels such as “Narkotic Rekords”, “Freitot rec”, “Spezial Force”, etc.

From 2006 – 2010 he produced lots of Speedcore and Splittercore. His sound became more noisy and extreme. By regular DJing and producing, he brought his own ultra-fast style to perfection. And there it was: SUIZIDCORE was created and he started to upload tracks such as “Krankes Saarland”, “Der Dritte Weltkrieg”, “Stolze 999 BPM”, “Arzt aufsuchen” etc. to Youtube.

In 2012 Pressterror became one of the fastest and hardest Speedcore artists worldwide with his blood show performance, his pig mask and his distinctive unique sound. His mark is his malicious pig mask and when he practices his performance and his skills, he always fascinates the audience.

His first CD album titled „NERVEN KOLLAPS“ was published in 2012 and he started to sell his own merchandise in 2011 which is being sold worldwide until now and it enjoys great popularity amongst the extreme scene.

In 2013 he also started a very successful European Tour with Yudlugar and he established his own event in Berlin named „Planet of Drrrrrrrr“. As of today, many successful parties of Planet of Drrrrrrr took place.

Pressterror has released lots of his tracks released and amongst others also his first vinyl „DRRRRRRESSURECTION OF SUIZIDCORE EP“ (Legs Akimbo Records008) in March 2013 which is deemed as a brute force; one of the hardest and insane vinyls available on various online shops.

In April 2013, he reached download records with more than 20.000 downloads with Legs Akimbo Records and his first album „Pissing on the Mainstream”.

Meanwhile he has performed his music in over 40 Shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, England and Spain. Amongst others, he played at Noisekicks Terrordrang in Holland, the Fuck parade in Berlin and many other events in 2014.

Via his own label Suizidcore Records he published his own successful double CD in 2015 titled „Suizidcore Records Vol.1“ containing very many Vs and Rmx Tracks, with artists such as Noisekick, Noizefucker, Disco Cunt, Hate Wire, Skat Injector etc.

In 2016 Legs Akimbo Records will publish his first collaboration vinyl with Komprex.
(Legs Recs015).

In 2017 he will disgorge his new album „The Way of Suizidcore“ to the world. His fans desperately anticipate the album.

He has a loyal worldwide fan base and the hard Terror and Speedcore scene is not imaginable anymore without him.

PRESSTERROR is the creator of Suizidcore and he inspires more and more people with his unique, uncompromising, hard and most notably insane sound.

Are You Ready For DRRRRR ?


Check is most recent video interview for the famous VICE media in USA :



Manel Diaz Forte (Ohmicide) is a hardcore/frenchcore/breakcore dj and producer and was born in Merida 16 march of 1982.
He started with electronic musics at 14 years old and at 19 years old he started to play in parties and clubs.
In 2007 he took music production lessons and started to produce songs. Ohmicide and 2 more partners created the “Harakira Soundlabel in 2011″.

He is a well known frenchcore Live Act in Spain , he’s now a Resident DJ in La Cova (Barcelona) and working with important producers in Europe on various projects.

His live acts are always different and done real time on stage with controllers & computers.
Watch out for this rising frenchcore producer!


Junkie Kut


Fusing the sound of hardcore punk rock & metal with industrial, rave & electronica; Junkie Kut is a visceral expression of rage in an age of discontent!

Currently based in and around London & Brighton, UK, JUNKIE KUT takes a refreshing visceral approach to industrial crossover music, fusinghardcore punk rock & metal with extreme electronic and underground rave music.

Since its conception as a solo project in 2008 Junkie Kut has worked alongside artists such as Alex B (Leechwoman ) & Schizoid (DTRASH Records)and has performed at some of Europe’s most established electronic music events (Fuck Parade, Earthquake & Hardshock Festival) with support slots for artists such as Drumcorps, Ladyscraper, DJ Producer & The Sickest Squad.

Following the success of an extensive back catalogue of free downloads and 12” records, he released his commercial debut in 2012 entitled, “T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You)” which was distributed byPlastic Head Distribution and was hailed by Terrorizer Magazine in May 2012.

At the end of 2013 JUNKIE KUT transformed into a full live band and has already performed at the recentDecompression Magazine Launch Party, and confirmed support slots with techno-punks Petrol Bastard and Industrial EBM project, Ayria later in the year.

JUNKIE KUT released their new demo for free online on 20th March 2014, and are currently writing their next full length album, as well as planning a European tour for the Summer 2014.

For fans of The Prodigy, Enter Shikari, Atari Teenage Riot, Skinny Puppy, Mad Capsule Markets & Mindless Self Indulgence.



rtotoarAll hell breaks loose when Rotator steps the stage of breakbeat holocaust, it’s the sound of a man so frightfully piercing your eardrums while at the same time tickling your bellybutton with shivers of excitement… or is it the collision claps of harddisk rock and tumbling waterfalls of amen galore will make your feet start stomping the ground?

Either way, this music makes you wanna jump up or run out!

Witness an intense and energic mix of chopped up percussion associated to 4/4 hard kick to maintain the ruff pressure, hoovering basslines that shake up straight dancefloor sickness, contaminated by a furious injection of hardcore and ragga and breakcore mash-up.

In a nutshell you will not be left restless when hearing the loud and glorious vocalsamples and soundclash snorts of the punxXx hailing from Rennes France, Rotator is head of the international Peace Off crew spreading hardcore music to the masses worldwide! Be ready for this one !

ROTATOR will dismantle your firecrackers and bomb the place down cause he’s the perfect combination of French pastry and kamikazi riddims, King of the dancefloor and yardsales!” (Sickboy)





Since 1998, Komprex aka Fabio Di Benedetto is present in the extreme music scene as a producer. Based in La Spezia, a small city in Italy, he started to listen to electronic hard music when he was just a child. But to be just a listener was not enough for him, so he started producing tracks.

Since 2001 he played at lot of parties to diffuse the Italian Speedcore message. His principal label was the italian Cerebral Destruction, but he released also two autoproducted CDs. Today Komprex is one of the most appreciated extreme artists. Aphex Twin played his track Worldwide.

In a period when the speedcore/terror scene is composed by too many low quality productions, the italian way makes the difference. In 2009 he released a project with Noisekick on Masters Of Speedcore with brutal and industrial metal tunes and on Psychic Genocide and Noistorm with Dj – D-Tox with some new industrial tracks.

His style is becoming more raw and technical, the brutal and fast productions are now mostly reserved for the group Speedkore, with Komprex as singer and producer. The style of the band is cybergrindcore and they played at parties such as Hellraiser vs. Megarave, Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet and Ground Zero Festival.


Delta 9


Dave Rodgers, better known as Delta 9, is a hardcore techno DJ/producer from Chicago.

The name “Delta 9″ comes from delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), the main psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant.

Delta 9 has been producing since 1994, starting with Deep 13 & The Hate Tank on Drop Bass Network Records. His many releases with Industrial Strength Records date back to 1995. Delta 9 is also owner of Psychotik Records, and has over 40 solo 12 inch releases (including under his alias The Imposters).

Delta 9 has appeared on over 200 compilations including the Thunderdome series, Hellraiser, Third Movement’s Demolition, the Mystery Land series, and the Masters of Hardcore compilations. He has also done many remixes for bands including Corrosion of Conformity, Napalm Death, The Berzerker, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Soil.


Mark N


Mark N is an Australian hardcore and breakcore dj and founder of Bloody Fist and Nasenbluten.
He is known for his high tempo interchanges between hardcore and breakcore and his scratches.

He played at huge gigs like Masters of Hardcore, Raving Nightmare, Ground Zero Festival, Hardshock Festival, and many more.