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D-Phased is a 22 year old DJ and producer from France, hungry for music.
Ryan has been producing and mixing since he was 14 years old. At the
time he was trying to make some music-making programs but it didn’t take
him long to realize that music was his passion.

It all began when he discovered Hardstyle. From that moment onwards, he
decided to become X-CAPITAIN, a first stage name, to constantly
improve his music production skills with time and perseverance. After
several years of mixing in clubs and parties in France like the North Kick
Festival and hundreds of hours in the studio, he finally found his own

He completed his music production skills at the Digitraxx Studio in
Bordeaux, and he participated in the Scantraxx Masterclass in october
2016. He now dedicates his life to music production, mixing and his
engineering studies.

It’s a true passion to spread and share enjoyment and a sense of euphoria.

He is now ready to open a new chapter and is determined to rock stages
and make crowds move all around the world, with powerful and energetic
melodies including a rawness touch. World, are you ready for D-Phased !


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Label: Suizidcore Records, Legs Akimbo Records, Braincore Recordings
Style: Terror, Speedcore + Splittercore = SUIZIDCORE

PRESSTERROR started his career 15 years ago in the little city of Saarbrucken in Germany.

In 2001, he discovered his passion for electronic music with using his first record players. Then he played various hard styles until 2005.

Since 2002, he produced his own tracks favoring the styles Techno, Hardcore and Frenchcore. With the time his musical taste became harder and faster. After discovering Terror and Speedcore he got inspired by the following DJs: Noisekick, Komprex, Frazzbass, Disco Cunt, Passenger Of Shit and Noizefucker. He then embarked on creating his own unique style. He informed himself about labels such as “Narkotic Rekords”, “Freitot rec”, “Spezial Force”, etc.

From 2006 – 2010 he produced lots of Speedcore and Splittercore. His sound became more noisy and extreme. By regular DJing and producing, he brought his own ultra-fast style to perfection. And there it was: SUIZIDCORE was created and he started to upload tracks such as “Krankes Saarland”, “Der Dritte Weltkrieg”, “Stolze 999 BPM”, “Arzt aufsuchen” etc. to Youtube.

In 2012 Pressterror became one of the fastest and hardest Speedcore artists worldwide with his blood show performance, his pig mask and his distinctive unique sound. His mark is his malicious pig mask and when he practices his performance and his skills, he always fascinates the audience.

His first CD album titled „NERVEN KOLLAPS“ was published in 2012 and he started to sell his own merchandise in 2011 which is being sold worldwide until now and it enjoys great popularity amongst the extreme scene.

In 2013 he also started a very successful European Tour with Yudlugar and he established his own event in Berlin named „Planet of Drrrrrrrr“. As of today, many successful parties of Planet of Drrrrrrr took place.

Pressterror has released lots of his tracks released and amongst others also his first vinyl „DRRRRRRESSURECTION OF SUIZIDCORE EP“ (Legs Akimbo Records008) in March 2013 which is deemed as a brute force; one of the hardest and insane vinyls available on various online shops.

In April 2013, he reached download records with more than 20.000 downloads with Legs Akimbo Records and his first album „Pissing on the Mainstream”.

Meanwhile he has performed his music in over 40 Shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, England and Spain. Amongst others, he played at Noisekicks Terrordrang in Holland, the Fuck parade in Berlin and many other events in 2014.

Via his own label Suizidcore Records he published his own successful double CD in 2015 titled „Suizidcore Records Vol.1“ containing very many Vs and Rmx Tracks, with artists such as Noisekick, Noizefucker, Disco Cunt, Hate Wire, Skat Injector etc.

In 2016 Legs Akimbo Records will publish his first collaboration vinyl with Komprex.
(Legs Recs015).

In 2017 he will disgorge his new album „The Way of Suizidcore“ to the world. His fans desperately anticipate the album.

He has a loyal worldwide fan base and the hard Terror and Speedcore scene is not imaginable anymore without him.

PRESSTERROR is the creator of Suizidcore and he inspires more and more people with his unique, uncompromising, hard and most notably insane sound.

Are You Ready For DRRRRR ?


Check is most recent video interview for the famous VICE media in USA :

Mr Multiplex

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Multiplex started his career as a singer in a punk band. After that he discovered the (illegal) party-scene where he first heard Drum& Bass and Jungle music, it made him want to experiment with these styles and get his singing involved to it. He first started to pay attention on how other mc’s did their Job. After meeting MC Chakra from the Utreg Massive crew he knew this was his destiny.

Chakra introduced him into the world of Drum & Bass MC’ing and let him spit some rhymes during his performance. Everybody was very enthusiastic about his MC skills and that was also his drive to be one of the best MC’s of the Netherlands. In his first year of MC’ing he got nominated as best upcoming MC at the Dutch DNB Awards unfortunately he finished second but the year after that he got nominated as best upcoming MC and best MC but unfortunately he never won the first place.

After being nominated it all went very fast for him because the biggest Drum & Bass crew in that time of the Netherlands ‘Utreg Massive’ asked him to be a resident. After doing Utreg Massive events a couple of years he met the guys from Strike Back and Deep Cutz, they had faith in his skills and they helped him to put things to the next level. In that time dubstep was upcoming and Multiplex started to host next to Drum & Bass also dubstep sets, for example with Gomes and Osiris.

Multiplex played alongside a lot of (inter)national artists such as: Aphrodite (UK), Nicky Blackmarket (UK), Culprate (UK), The Panacea (DE), Loxy (UK), Ed Cox (UK), Breakage (UK), Black Sun Empire (NL), Noisia (NL) and a lot more famous (inter) national artists.

In the beginning of 2013 Multiplex joined Black Sun Empire as their resident MC on their famous Blackout nights. Be prepared as Multiplex will be all over the place and be sure to catch his vibe because he will never disappoint you! Peace and love for the sounds of music we provide !!!

Since 2016, he’s now the official MC of the legendary Noize Suppresor and performing in the biggest european events such as : MAYDAY, MASTERS OF HARDCORE, DEFQON 1 & much more…

Check out his official artist facebookpage by clicking here

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FANTOM is major french Hardcore DJ/Producer player from the french rave scene since 2000.
He’s one of the founder and now leader of the biggest french hardcore sound-system called TEKNOMAD.
Between years 2000 and 2005 he has been the most booked act in France but also played in Belgium, Switzerland, Italia & more…
His DJ sets made him the first french hardcore act to be booked in Libanon (Electronic Music Festival) just after the end of the war.

His creativity and terrific mixing skills allowed him to perform more than 300 times in less than 10 years in most of the best locations at this time. From the legendary REX CLUB to the LA LOCO and GIBUS in Paris until the large scale outside Teknival events on french military airbase bringing at this time up to 185 000 people in 4 dayz from all over europe. He’s still remembered by the underground free party scene as the necessary DJ for a line up to be totally insane !

He played along such artists as Delta 9, Lenny Dee , Unexist, Chaosbringer, Tommyknocker, Daisy, Dr Macabre ,Manu le Malin, Radium, DJ Fight, Speedyq’s, Speedfreak, Crystal Distortion, Heretik Sound System & much more…

In the meantime he’s starting producing tracks and release the Teknomad 01 and his getting licensed regularly for some mixes or compilations by AUDIOGENIC, EPILEPTIK, XUNK rec & more…

In 2010, he feels frustrated and do not wish to continue into the hardcore scene anymore because he does not consider his music personal enough. He’s stepping away from the scene and decide to take a break to start a family.

Naturally, some news inspirations comes and it’s now time to make his style and creativity evolving. Becoming familiar with the latest music softwares, he starts producing new live-acts sounding more Techno to Hardcore.

Like most of perfectionnist artists, he’s not really satisfied by his first productions in this genre and refuse to play any of those live acts at all for any crowd.

After 5 years of very hard lonely work in his professional studio, Fantom is now back with a very personal style in wich he can finally feel comfortable. The very melodic ambiances that he likes so much are now dropped at slower tempo (135/150bpm) but the influences remains the same : Industrial Techno, Rave & Hardcore ! Creating this energetic melting-pot of styles that he likes to call « POWERTEKNO ».

Watch out for this insane and unique live act !


Sasha F

Name: Sami Haapajoki
sasha f
Label: Spoontech records
Style: Raw hardstyle/Hardcore

Sasha F started his career as a DJ around 19 years ago and during this period he definitely showed the world what he was worth as a professional jock and producer. He is now one of the most wanted Hard Dance artists from Finland and his popularity around the globe is rising fast.

His DJ skills have been showcased throughout Finland where he, alongside other top Finnish DJs, usually headlines the big gigs. Besides that he also payed at major events like Decibel Outdoor,Reborn, Q-BASE, Defqon1, Dance valley, Dreamfields, The Qontinent and WiSH Outdoor. He performed in countries like Russia, Estonia, Thailand, England ,Australia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy and he was part of the Invasion Tour in The America doing 20 gigs in 40 nights, coast to coast.

As a producer he is known for releases like Get Hit (together with Crypsis) Hardstyle Matters and Drop 2 Your Knees (together with Chris One). He released his records at different labels, such as Minus Is More, Tillt and Next Chapter. And then he joined the Spoontech Records label, as his raw tracks certainly fitted their profile.

With a combination of superb technical mixing and a raw hardstyle sound, Sasha F leaves each crowd begging for more.

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Jeremy Chich aka Antracks was born in France (Paris).

He was always been interested by hard music. After a long time as a DJ, he decided that he wanted to produce his own sounds and started the project ‘Antracks’.

His style can be described as original, really dynamic and ruff!
He has already released on different labels like DJU, Gearbox and one track on Spoontech records.

Antracks always impresses his crowd with his original style and banging performances!
He already played at different gigs like: Axelerator, Rawcore, Bass Protocol, C.R.A.F.T, and much more.


Kevin Kaos


Like most who have become professional DJs, Kevin’s crave to become a DJ started after visiting clubs and seeing how the other DJs made the crowd go crazy. Back in 2003 Kevin bought his first DJ set and started mixing.

The popularity of this youngster rised very fast. After just 3 years he sold out a local club with 1500 people and played a 6 hour Solo Set. This caught the attention of some local newspapers and he was asked for an exclusive interview about his DJ Career and residency at the most crowded parties of The Hague in Holland.

With his own distinguishable style Kevin became a respected DJ and Producer in the Hardstyle Scene! With performances on the biggest stages such as Qlimax, Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, Hard Bass, Qapital, Global Gathering World Tour and The Qontinent, his name is set.

Kevin travels around the world and has played at events in the worlds leading cities for example: Denver USA, Johannesburg South-Africa, Vancouver Canada, Mexico City Mexico, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Ibiza and in the countries like England, Spain, France, Germany, Irland, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Scotland and Austria.

Music wise he is known by his floor filling tracks, which are released on the biggest labels in the scene for example on A2Records (Scantraxx), Anarchy (Dirty Workz), Hardcopy and Straight on Recordings! His tracks are supported by all major artists in the scene and featured on numerous compilations, and the worlds biggest Radio shows from Australia to Japan going through Poland to all of Europe…

In 2014 Kevin Kaos launched his own podcast, called #RAW! The podcast, which is focused on the raw side of Hardstyle, has loads of followers from all over the world right from the start.

With his unique and energetic mixing style on stage and with his forthcoming tracks and remixes he will infect every single hard dance crowd on dance floors and festivals everywhere around the globe !


MC I See

Damiën started his year strong in 2013 when he was doing some gigs in Spain, Dj Goliath (Dirty Workz) ask him to do some vocals on his next E.P.
They created Thrill Of The Kill & Insane which both scored pretty good in the Hardstyle scene and become number #206 & #248 on the Hardstyle top2000 of 2013. Mc I See was a fact. Soon after the release of the collabration he did with Goliath the request’s flowing in. Damiën did collab after collab with artists like: Audiofreq, The Vision, Goliath, Dany BPM and many more.

Mc I See become a fact and hosted almost 100 party’s in 2013. He hosted for artists like: Brennan Heart, Wildstylez, Radical Redemption, Crypsis, Frequencerz, Titan, Atmozfears, E-Force, Outbreak, Adaro, Digital Punk, B-Front, Luna, Pavo, Codeblack, Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz, Dano, Champ-e-on, The Viper, Rheeza, Dreamteam…

Mc I See is a really active Mc in the Hardstyle scene by doing great collabs and having this amazing positive and energetic performance on stage. He is unstoppable and definitely knows when to come hard and strong with his lyrics and vocals and when not to speak and spoil the moment. Damien played for a long time as a Dj as well so he has that feeling and chemistry that you look for.

This fella rocked along side with the biggest artist in the world and did great party’s such as: Brennan Heart Evolution Of Style World Tour in Estonia Tallinn and become a resident for there Hardstyle party’s, WeAre1 Club Cell delivered him a resident spot as well, Decade the Early/Oldschool party’s another resident spot for this driven young Mc. Damien is ready to rock on the biggest festivals and party’s and he’s aiming for the big festivals this year.

Partyheads who seen this guy on stage know that he never get bored and always find a way to rock with the crowd and not against it. So the next question is: Are you ready!!!??? Like Mc I See always says: I See you soon

The Vision & Mc I See – How many tears

Goliath & Mc I See – Thrill of the kill

Audiofreq & Mc I See – Trigger

Goliath & Mc I See – Insane

Dany Bpm & Mc I See – Party Weekends

D-Entrax & Mc I See – Struggle 4 survival

Promo vids:
Evolution Of Style Tour – Brennan Heart – Estonia

MC I SEE @ Brennan Heart Tour is Estonia ( best edit video )

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Manel Diaz Forte (Ohmicide) is a hardcore/frenchcore/breakcore dj and producer and was born in Merida 16 march of 1982.
He started with electronic musics at 14 years old and at 19 years old he started to play in parties and clubs.
In 2007 he took music production lessons and started to produce songs. Ohmicide and 2 more partners created the “Harakira Soundlabel in 2011″.

He is a well known frenchcore Live Act in Spain , he’s now a Resident DJ in La Cova (Barcelona) and working with important producers in Europe on various projects.

His live acts are always different and done real time on stage with controllers & computers.
Watch out for this rising frenchcore producer!