Strong from his first edition last year KATAKLYSM is back for the biggest joy of the french and switzerland ravers .

Mainstage :
Chrono & Demon Dwarf – Buzz Fuzz – KRTM – Paranoizer – SRB – Tripped – Dano – Bonehead – Trasher – Detest – F Noize – Limewax – A Kriv – Sandy Warez – Wars Industry – Insane Dj Mafia – Hellter Skellter – Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – Emergency Fuckerz – Rheeza – Da Rushstyler – Mabrook

Floor II :
D.O.M – Thera – Delete – Titan – Degos & Re Done – Hasty Boy – Hozinotik – Kristomaniak – X Ploded – No Name – Prophe C – Earthbreaker – Asterz – Vinstylerz et VOUS !




gz (2) Insane Agency started beeing involved in the artistic direction of Ground Zero from 2009 when DJ DANO picked up his phone to contact us and asked us to propose some new names for this growing dutch festival. Since that day Insane Agency have been involved in all editions until the last one last 31th of August 2012 for wich we have been contracted by UDC for all hardcore stages !!!

GZ Festival is now closing the season of the Hardmusic festivals in holland the last week end of August and still nowadayz the only NIGHT Festival autorized by the dutch government for hardcore music in the beautiful area of Bussloo.

Once again in 2014 we are proud to allow our rosters to perform on the legendary GZ stages.

For all past Ground Zero Festival Line up click here and scan the list

Insane Agency Aftermovie of Ground Zero 2012 by INSANE TV

Normal tickets for 2014 still available on TicketScript by clicking here
GZEARLYBIRDZFinal Flyer and Line-Up coming soon… check regularly by clicking here !


We are very proud to be involved in the ONLY FRENCH Hard-music SOLD OUT festival ever :
GOHWho better than GOH Events could organise a wide triple stage
hard-music SOLD OUT FESTIVAL in France ?
KATAKLYSMAfter more than 10 yearz where french organisations unsuccesfully tried to reach that goal and dreamed about it ; it finally came true true with KATAKLYSM Festival and now follows the second edition on request of the crowd ! ( Insane right ? )

For more informations please follow that group here


“FOCUS ON” the incredible success story of  DJ RHEEZA rheeza With more than 30 high quality bookings in 2013 and her transformation from the “Queen of Early Rave” to a Mainstage respected artist ; there’s a lot to say about this incredible dutch female DJ who already rocked almost 250 bookings in more than 10 yearz of DJ’ing in the hard testosterone jungle of the dutch Hardcore DJ’s. rheezalayergzShe now has been granted by some main dutch organisations to perform regularly mainstage in such events as GROUND ZERO- HARDSHOCKHELLBOUNDSOUND ASSAULTDECADE but also now in 2013 she battles the kings of early rave like BUZZ FUZZDELTA 9 and BASS D like for the Ultimate Broadcasting (Party) of Thunderdome Radio for exemple, or during the legendary Back2School from B2S having the honor to close the stage after DJ PROMO – DIONE – RUFFNECK … B2SCHOOL LAYERWith an incredible unlimited ressources of insane energy, she even decided in december to perform a 6 HOURS SOLO ACT in her town where she’s also famous to organise since years the MUG THE CITY parties in HAARLEM . hsf rheeza better Keep an eye on her this year and boost your events by booking this “Insane Female DJ” now for your future events !


Dear Followers,
happy insane new year 2014Those past five years have been very productive years regarding our involvement in the EDM scene in Europe and particularly in Holland where we now also have since recently an Office (making it the fifth one after: London, Paris, Lyon and Geneva).

First we would like to thank the loyal but also the new partners, who allowed us and our rosters to rock the stages of the best and largest parties and festivals of this scene and still trusting us to provide several artistic directions of the highest quality every year and this since long (with no contest) .

Secondly we would like to thank our Insane Artists sometimes maybe autist but allowing us to provide musically the best in all music styles we can provide. Without you we are nothing, you are the engine and the benzine of this scene and without you no Music, Bookings, Releases and Fun would be possible .

This year was also the creation of our new label called Get’Insane Records with a banging first EP who will be fully released and quickly followed by others EP on all your usual favorites download platforms (Hardtunes, Itunes, Juno, etc…)

We also produced as Insane Events more than 61 events referenced in 7 differents countries ( & many more not appearing for some “Ghost AD” reasons … ) and made partnership in order for us to be leader in France and Switzerland solid of our worldwide network and our position in the Netherlands since few yearz.

Entertainment is a serious industry, as well as an art form. Anybody can make bookings or artistic directions, but gigs & AD that are successful is a form of art only few have perfected.

Our customers have a vision of success. We have worked within the electronic dance culture for years. Providing leading artists and solutions for all kinds of events. We are present in big events and starting new concepts. From small indoor event to outdoor large scale festivals.

Our infrastructures are getting bigger & better everyday and our ambitions to …
We radiate energy, strive for results and spread our solutions around the world !


Insane Agency Director
Maxime Van Fight