When the FIGHT goes BOOM !

5 future bookings confirmed between september and october in Holland !
And now taking more  DJ FIGHT dates …

FIGHT Filtered

Official Artist page here :


DJ/Producer – Label Owner – Artists manager
Artistic Director – Party Organisator – Promoter

Coming from the French Connection, Maxime van Fight started as Assistant Director in the oldest hard dance music record distribution company called MAD DOG in Paris wholesaling hardcore records worldwide.

Feeding him with thousands of records there designed him to perform a frontal and agressive
hardcore set inspired by labels from all over the world.

Label owner of “Booby Trap rec” and “Get’Insane rec”, releasing explosive underground
productions of : Delta 9, Forsaken is dead, Cemon Victa & more…

Producing anthem for Ground Zero like in 2011 for the Terror Stage :

In 2012 he become the Ground Zero voice for the anthem of the Industrial Stage by Cemon Victa : https://soundcloud.com/cemon-victa/cemon-victa-feat-fight-ground

He assumed artistic directions and coproduction with several dutch organisations in the past such as: Ground Zero Festival – Hardshock Festival – Hellbound – Sound Assault – Hardheid – Axelerator …

Owner of “Insane Bookings Agency“. He ‘s the exclusive manager of several Hardcore pionneers
such as Delta 9, Laurent Ho , Mark N, The Horrorist … but also of the young generation invading your parties worldwide.

Beware of this antipersonnal device hidden underground to cause casualties …

“Hardbeat is vital as a heartbeat. I like to drive the public insane !
To change a dancefloor into a landmine, a venue into a battlefield !!!”