Pressterror joins Insane Agency

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We are proud to welcome PRESSTERROR(German Speedcore/Splittercore/Suizidcore Dj &… at INSANE AGENCY !

Since the very beginning, our agency always believed in the most extreme kind of Hardmusic possible and gave a chance to several artists to perform worldwide their insane styles…

After representing earlier such live acts as : Igoa, Komprex, Junkie Kut, Passenger of Shit and much more… now we welcome PRESSTERROR from Germany.

In April 2013, he reached download records with more than 20.000 downloads with Legs Akimbo Records and his first album „Pissing on the Mainstream”.

Meanwhile he has performed his music in over 40 Shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, England and Spain. Amongst others, he played at Noisekicks Terrordrang in Holland, the Fuck parade in Berlin and many other events in 2014.

Via his own label Suizidcore Records he published his own successful double CD in 2015 titled „Suizidcore Records Vol.1“ containing very many Vs and Rmx Tracks, with artists such as Noisekick, Noizefucker, Disco Cunt, Hate Wire, Skat Injector etc.

In 2016 Legs Akimbo Records released his first collaboration vinyl with Komprex (Legs Recs015).
In 2017 he will disgorge his new album „The Way of Suizidcore“ to the world. His fans desperately anticipate the album.

He has a loyal worldwide fan base in the hard Terror and Speedcore scene and he’s now a new key player of this music.

PRESSTERROR is the creator of Suizidcore and he inspires more and more people with his unique, uncompromising, hard and most notably insane sound.

Are You Ready For DRRRRR ?

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